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What type of game is it?

First Person, Sci-Fi, Exploratory Adventure

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

You play a prison inmate, obediently (or not) following the instructions of the station overlord in the last few days of your sentence.

What do we like most about it?

The station, and it’s exterior, look absolutely fantastic, there’s little shown of Earth although the GL page says that you can head there as part of the journey if you wish. As a matter of fact, the game says that the ending is ending for the player is defined by the actions they take in the story – touting some replayability.

Games like this underline the accessibility of development tools which allow for photo-realistic settings, they underline that we are reaching a technology jump as steep as pixel to polygon was for consoles. It is exciting, surely, to imagine that this degree of effort – remarkable at the moment – could become standard in a large amount of games soon. It looks bloody wonderful.

When’s it due?

Orbital is due for a late 2016, or early 2017 release for PC, Mac & Linux. It has already passed through Greenlight at time of posting.

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