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Lil Big Invasion - LogoTitle: Lil Big Invasion
Developer: Andreas Britten/Gamesbyandib
[Greenlight Page]

What type of game is it?

It’s an adventure game.

What’s the 30 second elevator pitch?

You’re a firefly in charge of saving the lost flies, simple and easy to pick up switch mechanics as well as some interesting obstacles block your way. Guide the flies you can save to the end of the level.

What do we like most about it?

I actually played the demo (available through Itch.Io, link on G/L page) before I took on this piece as I wasn’t too sure with the artwork – specifically the main character and the flies didn’t sit well with the rest of the world. In that department there’s certainly nothing to worry about, and the game plays well enough – although the tooltips from it being a mobile game are a little too glaringly obvious

The puzzles of the demo were certainly not too challenging, hitting switches, riding bees, opening plants, and there’s a lot of cool ideas in the game – for instance the fact that when you trigger a switch you lose any followers.

Outside of the tooltips still having fingers denoting instructions, there’s no counter in the level showing how many of the flies you have collected (which would certainly be useful for the larger levels), and there’s also the fact that the areas you interact with require you to release the creature onto them to active which is a lot more natural when controlling with a touch screen than a mouse.

All that said, I really enjoyed the demo, and while the game might need a little work there’s certainly time for that to happen. The game was cheerful in nature even while the world around was dark and dangerous – in that way it reminded me of Rayman Legends (that and the flies are like Lums) which was one of my favourite games from the last generation.

When’s it due?

There’s no date listed on the Greenlight page, however the content of the game is obviously ready as the game has previously launched on mobile platforms. The developer states on their page that they’re actively working on the PC version, so hopefully they’re ironing out some of the issues I mentioned, and we’ll see a release once they are all sorted.

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