Gears: The Deck-builder is a cute but cunning deckbuilder now on Kickstarter

Gears: The Deck-builder is available to back on Kickstarter now and at the time of writing, has just a couple of days left to run. It has already hit the funded mark and so will be fulfilled, so if it takes your fancy, now’s the time.

Following on from the success of SINS: The Deck-builder, (a deck-building game that is every bit as naughty as it sounds) Jackinthebox Games have been hard at work to create a lighter, breezier and more family-friendly version. That game will be called Gears: The Deck-builder, and whilst we don’t have a physical copy, we’ve been checking it out via digital sources.


Personally, I love a lightweight deck-building and hand management game, and there can never be enough games like Dale of Merchants or Empires of the North in my collection. Where Gears: The Deck-builder delivers its secret sauce is through the numerous different tuck-boxes that the game will be fulfilled in, with each having a unique play style.

There are as many as seven tuck-boxes to buy into, with various different pledge levels offering different mixtures. Those announced on the Kickstarter include:

  • Destructive Play
  • Rejective Play
  • Insightful Play
  • Unfair Play
  • Recycled Play
  • Economic Play
  • Defensive Play

Gears: The Deck-Builder

Each game begins with the players having access to the same starting cards, and from there, they will need to recruit a crew from the central market. The objective of the game is to be the first player to score two victory points, which you’ll do through balancing dishing out despair to your opponents, whilst managing your own resolve.

The seven different tuck-boxes each promise the same core gameplay, but with a clear differentiation between each one as the game unfolds. The Destructive Play box, for example, is all about removing (destroying) cards in your hand in order to retain only the most powerful ones. Insightful Play, on the other hand, will allow the players to search and manage their deck from turn to turn, allowing for powerful combinations.

Visually, Gears: The Deck-builder looks particularly attractive to me, with a distinctive steampunk style that really brings the anthropomorphic characters to life. As I mentioned earlier, we don’t have our hands on a physical copy, but having looked into the fulfilment of Jackinthebox Games previous Kickstarter (SINS) we have no reason to think that the finished component quality will be anything less than what you’d expect these days.

If you’d like to see more, you can check out the Gears: The Deck-builder Kickstarter. It also happens to be the only place you can currently grab a copy of the game.

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