Furry Foodies lets you knock food off the table.

Furry Foodies
Cats are mischievous animals, everyone knows this. They take joy and pride in knocking items off of the table. In Furry Foodies, your cat’s goal is to knock food from the table and avoid knocking noisy plates off. This is a really fun, yet simple, game that is full of cute cats and adorable foods.

Furry Foodies is a tile-based game, where the board is made of tiles placed in a five by five grid. Each player picks a cat — of which there are a few leftover cats, even if you play with the max number of players. That’s actually a really cute addition to the game, as everyone has ample choices when it comes to cats. Some cats are grumpy, other cats are very happy — but all cats are cute. 

Once you have made your grid, you have your cat slide onto it. They do this by pushing the tiles either vertically or horizontally from where they come from. Cats always take two moves and never try to get off the table, but you can change the direction you are pushing tiles in once you start moving. There are also catnip bags which can be used as an extra push — which do really help when it comes to the game.

Furry Foodies

There are negative items in Furry Foodies, specifically plates which crash when they are pushed off the table, adding to your inventory. You’ll want to avoid pushing these off the table, as they score like other items but in the negative, however you cannot push any line that has another cat on it, so often you will find your only move is to push a plate off. Plates, as well as food, get added to your inventory. Despite each item having a number on it, these do not show the number of points. Instead, you get a set number of points for however many items of the same number (depending on the number) and the length of your run (counting from a number, up correctly, to another number). 

Furry Foodies

These are then added up, as well as the negative points made from the number of plates you have shattered in your inventory. The game ends as soon as players cannot place any more items on the table —  whatever is left on the table is left there, untouched. 

Furry Foodies is a really lovely game for all ages — it’s cute enough to keep adults engaged but simple enough for younger children to understand and engage with. It’s a game for all and has a very short set up, pack down and playtime – making it a good filler game or warm-up game between longer matches, if you’d like. I feel like Furry Foodies is going to make it again out of the box based on how cute it is, and how quick it is to get set-up and going.

You can purchase Furry Foodies on Amazon.

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