Fruitbus has you creating fruit salads in memory of your grandmother

After your grandmother’s passing, you have been left with her food truck. This food truck is home to many memories that you shared with your grandmother. Not only that, but it was also a local staple to a bunch of small towns, where lots of different people have tons of lovely memories of your grandmother. Now, you must take over and live up to your grandmother’s legacy! Fruitbus is a wholesome, lovely adventure game where you are just looking to bring joy, and food, to people.

A lot of the gameplay in Fruitbus is your character talking to individuals and making food for them. At first, the main food you’ll be making is salad; chopping up fruit, putting it into your bowls, and serving it to those who order it. Everything within this game feels really tactile, from the way that you cut various fruit through to how they fall into the bowl. Adding new dishes on the menu is as easy as carrying the dish to the menu board. 

When you aren’t serving customers and hearing about how they liked your food or remembered your grandmother, you are out in the world looking for ingredients! There are tons of bushes and trees where you can find new fruits and harvest them. Using your backpack, you can carry some of your fruits and take them back to your food truck to put them in your bins. There is a limited amount of space in your backpack for fruit, but running them back to your truck isn’t the end of the world. 


Moving your truck around is also really easy — you can just drive it wherever you want. Although, there is a limit on how much petrol you have, so you do need to make sure you keep an eye on your fuel gauge. There is a day and night cycle in this game, so you can keep your food truck open during the day, go shopping and check out the villagers, then drive around at night looking for fruit. 

There are upgrades that you can purchase for your truck, giving you a stove, blender, and other tools that open up the variety of dishes you can create. You can also customise your truck to make it as colorful as you want! 

I got the chance to play a bit of Fruitbus at Gamescom and had a really fantastic time — it’s so wholesome, lovely, and just fun to play! The characters have their own styles and stories to share, and I am here to listen to them all!

You can currently play a demo of Fruitbus on Steam, and wishlist it ahead of the 2024 launch.

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