Frogsong has you becoming a tiny warrior

Frogsong is a wholesome adventure game where you play as a little frog called Chorus, who wants to protect the world from any sort of baddies that might be around. You’ve recently decided to go to Boreala, a small village, to join its Defense Guild.

Along the journey from your home to Frogsong‘s Boreala, you have found a little bug to help you, and it’s worth taking a moment to talk about this bug. You see, Frogsong can be played as a single player experience where you play as Chorus, and this little bug automatically helps you, attacking and collecting little bits of currency you might have missed. But, if you have a friend you want to play with they can become this bug! If you are playing with a child, who may not be good at dodging attacks, letting them be the bug means they can help you without worry about losing.

Now, back to the story; your new home is currently under threat, as a tyrant has been buying up all of the little communities, threatening them with a disaster if they don’t join them. Boreala is the next target, with bugs being sent there to scare the villagers and harm them. To make matters worse, the Defense Guild feel you are too weak and tiny to actually help, all of them except the elder who is in charge of the guild, who sees how powerful you can really be.


Frogsong is a wonderful little game, and —despite the concept being about fighting, there are so many wholesome interactions and fun frogs to meet. Each have their own stories and some even have subquests for you to take on, that let you explore the game further. Frogsong is fun, full of adventure, and well worth the time to play.

You can currently find Frogson on PC.

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