Farlands is a futuristic Stardew Valley

Slice of life, adventure farming games are as popular as ever! There is such a high demand for wholesome games that have you working on small tasks and exploring characters that might live around you. Farlands is one of these types of games, clearly taking inspiration from Stardew Valley, but at the same time adding in robots, strange creatures, and different planets to explore!

In Farlands, you have purchased your own planet, which can be used to farm. Farming is sort of outdated in the future, so there aren’t a lot of farming planets left. Here, you are able to clear away the land, taking down trees and mining rocks, to make the land free to plant. You can then take your ship and fly through the galaxy, exploring other places and gaining resources!


There are tons of other characters to meet, who can sell you seeds, buy your produce, and help you with your ship upgrades. Upgrading both your planet to be more liveable and your ship to work better is a main goal of the progress of your game. Seeing the other people on their planet and getting to know them, to become friends, is another main goal if you want to go further than your own home planet.

You do have energy that you can spend on working in the world you have, so keeping track of it and putting yourself back to sleep is important too! You are able to fix up robots that help you tend to your crops and do basic tasks around the farm, so you aren’t really alone on this planet! 

Farlands brings a new perspective to farming games within the genre, but is polished and fleshed out to have a lot going on within it. You can spend your time mining, talking to people, or just farming and exploring. Really, each day is up to you! 

I got the chance to play some of Farlands at Gamescom, where I found myself ready to download the game on Nintendo Switch, bring it home, and veg out on the couch for the next week playing. If you like Stardew Valley, this is a game for you.


Currently, Farlands has a release date of Q1 2024, but you can wishlist the game right now on Steam.

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