Extra Ordinary — a horror-comedy, now with its own little game

In 2019, Extra Ordinary, an Irish horror-comedy, was released. Now, in time for its release in North America in early March, it has received a video game adaptation by Airdorf Games, creator of the FAITH series of pixelated horror games.

Extra Ordinary tells the story of a medium named Rose, who tries to help a man named Martin. Not only is Martin’s daughter Sarah demonically possessed, but she is also needed for a dark ritual by local Satanist Winter. The themes may sound gloomy, but the film is filled with laughs rather than scares.

Where shall we go next?

Extra Ordinary the video game shares the pixelated style of Airdorf’s previous horror games as well The Wind, another promotional horror film adaptation. This game, however, is a minigame collection instead of an adventure.

Three games have to be completed before the fourth and final minigame is unlocked. Additionally, you also need to play an ectoplasm collection game after every sequence. It makes sense in context — and it may or may not be inspired by Beat ‘Em & Eat ‘Em.

Extra Ordinary: Everything is better with goats.

The first minigame requires Rose to find Martin while dodging possessed furniture. In the second one, a ghost needs to be caught while demonic wheely bins are out to get you. The highlight is probably the third one. Here, Rose needs to protect Sarah from evil goats by making them magically explode. None of these games are complicated or particularly difficult, and each of them resembles one early 80s home video game or another.

Extra Ordinary takes itself about as seriously as the film it is based on and, while short, packs a nice amount of content and charm. Available for the price of free, everyone who has a quarter of an hour to spare should give it a go.

Extra Ordinary is available for browsers via Itch.io.

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