Explosive Trailer Reveals Dreadnought’s PS4 2017 Launch Date

During the, extremely eventful, PlayStation Experience 2016 it was announced that Dreadnought, the explosive battle-cruiser combat game, will be releasing onto Sony’s PS4 late next year.

Yager Development’s Dreadnought has been catching many eyes of late with it’s widely broadcast closed-beta on PC.  As of the PlayStation Experience event we now know that the game is also going to launch on Sony’s system.

Over on the development blog Community Specialist Miguel Rial posted a few quick Q&A points regarding the title’s platform announcements, notably that the game’s beta would be launching for PS4 in the first half of 2017, that servers and progress with the PC version would be separate, and that the console was being developed (with Iron Galaxy Games) as a PS4 exclusive.

The game, initially revealed back in 2014, features over 50 playable vessels with deep customisation options, these ships are split across five combat roles, all essential to turning the tide of a battle. It is currently listed with a release date of 31st of December 2017. When it launches it will be free to play.

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