EdgeFlip is a sliding-puzzle game in a beautiful cuboid world

Explore a world of sliding tiles and peculiar puzzles in EdgeFlip, a game which challenges you to wonder about a world which functions like a Rubix Cube.

Lume Studios’ EdgeFlip was an unexpected delight, especially as I don’t normally spend any time on puzzle games. Attending events this year has had me trying out a lot of genres which I don’t normally dabble with. The best example of this is easily the puzzle genre — something I often carefully strafe around due to my attention span. However, while exploring the showfloor of Pocket Gamer Connects London I found that I couldn’t keep seeing EdgeFlip and decided to give it a go.

EdgeFlip is, for the want of a better description, a sliding-tile puzzle. However it doesn’t simply work on traditional axis. Instead of sliding the entire world in one direction or the other, rows and columns of tiles can be slid to and fro. This is very handy because the world of EdgeFlip is dangerous; spikes and cracked land is everywhere, there are massive bosses and enemies patrol the paths you’ll need to take to get through the levels.

Not only is it dangerous, there are also buttons and switches to contend with, all confounded by the player and world’s lack of respect for gravity when it comes to which surfaces you can walk on. You can walk up walls, if the path is right.

The whole game is presented like a storybook, framed with borders and with the levels layered over stained paper. It makes for a very wistful experience, even when the haunting enemies start to appear in the levels.

I said earlier that it is normally my attention span which keeps me away from puzzle games. Each of EdgeFlip‘s levels take place on a single screen — although sometimes tiles are pulled away by button presses, allowing for you to transform them differently. It all feels very bitesize — an excellent way for a puzzle game to be.

EdgeFlip is in development for unspecified platforms, I played it on an Android tablet at the event.

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