Donut Nab ⁠— Fast reflexes needed

Donut Nab
Fast reflex games have a very specific audience. People who like living on the edge, waiting for a card to be placed so that they can grab whatever is in the middle of the table. In Donut Nab, that item is three different colored donuts, waiting to be nabbed up.

Donut Nab is a pretty simple game; each player gets given ten face-down donut cards. One by one, starting with the player who has the start token, each player turns one card face up in front of them. As you go around, you’re waiting, on the edge of your seat, for three of the same colored donuts to show up. Then, you must grab the matching color donut in the middle of the table first. If you are the player to grab the correct donut, you get to give your face up pile to whomever you want.

Donut Nab

The goal is to lose all of your cards first, but there are always some different cards to mix things up. A ‘Don’t Nab’ card forces the player who grabs a donut while it’s out to gain all of the face up cards from all of the players on the table, while a ‘Nab’ card allows anyone to grab any donut, as long as there isn’t a ‘Don’t Nab’ card already out. Galaxy donuts work as a wild card, which can be whatever color you need it to be and donut crumb cards (eaten donuts) don’t actually count as anything, but do plug up a turn for a person. 

Donut Nab is one of those games that you need to be playing with the right people. Some of us are very fast while others are not, and it was very clear who was going to win. With a more even playing field, these sort of reflex games are even more fun. Donut Nab has a lovely baker’s hat, which the winner of the first round wears to declare how good they are. You’ll be playing three rounds in total, with the most jammy player winning in the end. 

Donut Nab

The donuts in the middle are made of bright, durable plastic. The entire packaging and cards are all very high quality, like many of the games from Ginger Fox. The box also comes with loads of puns all along the box and instructions. It’s very cute. As far as a food game goes, this one is fast, light and good to play between larger games or at parties.

You can pick up a copy of Donut Nab on Amazon.

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