Demon Turf — Jump, Claim, Repeat

The main draw for me with Demon Turf is its obvious blend of 3D platformer with 2D visuals. Beebz is the main protagonist who set out to conquer different turf in order to become queen demon — but, there’s plenty for fans of the platforming genre to grab from Demon Turf.

I’ve played a segment of the platformer, playing through the first area (dubbed Apocadesert) and fighting its final boss. I’m intrigued by how it’s challenges will scale throughout the different areas. Rewatching the trailer for Demon Turf after playing through it really underlines the promised variety of color and location.

Each level itself is relatively short. Add to that the fact that you can self assign checkpoints — something I would love all platformers to copy — and it’s quite easy to punch through. In one of the later levels I learned a hook mechanic that felt clunky, but even still, it felt exciting to think about how the tight level design will play with learned abilities.

After I cleared and claimed this area Demon Turf told me I could go back for more. Going back to Apocadesert I noticed it changed visually, but not so much in layout. Also there were new lollipop collectibles. For those looking to scratch that collectathon-itch you’ll be at home here.

Demon Turf - Beebz underwater assumes an octopus form.
Just keep shapeshifting.

I was surprised to hear Demon Turf featured voice acting. I do prefer when a game tells me how a character should sound, in this case literally. There were some bits of funny writing during my time playing. (More use of dingus in games please.)

I’m bad at identifying genres of music but Demon Turf has some good tunes. Especially so with its main menu music. I have an inkling of where that specific track draws some inspiration from. We’ll see what tone the rest of the soundtrack is set to though.

I noticed there’s a lot of different systems integrated within Demon Turf. There’s a photo scavenger hunt that promotes linking your real life socials. You can also tweak the game for speed running purposes. I’m all for social discoverability as long as it’s not something front and center. As for speed running I just sit there in awe so it’s nice seeing that lane being catered to.

Beebz is setting up a custom checkpoint.
The devs nudge you into good checkpoints.

Demon Turf’s performance on PC was a bit lackluster. Which is strange because each level is loaded into. There was a frequent stutter but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment. Although it does have me worried for the Nintendo Switch version.

Also booting up Demon Turf on PC you are presented with a suggestion to use a controller. You’re shown what are the three main popular pads of choice. I did want to mention though that I tried using a Nintendo Switch Pro controller and failed. It could be driver related but who knows.

Overall I do feel I already have a good understanding of what I’ll get into with Demon Turf. I’m not looking for a revolution in the platforming genre. This game has the platform feel, quippy writing, and fitting music; I just hope there’s enough time to give it a polish or two.

You can find Demon Turf on Nintendo Switch, PC, Playstation and Xbox.

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