Delicious Dungeon has you battling monsters for ingredients!

If you know me then you know I am a huge fan of cooking games! Delicious Dungeon combines both a restaurant management game with an action adventure game, creating something that feels quite unique. 

You can plan your menu, cook your food, and make sure that you have ingredients for your customers to enjoy. Everything about this is very normal; the cooking is done through various mini-games, where timing is key, and you need to make sure that your meals are well cooked for those who want to order them. Opening and closing your restaurant is your job, and a core part of your day to day work.

When it comes to purchasing new ingredients in Delicious Dungeon, you won’t be going to the local general store though. Instead, you need to go into the forest and fight off monsters! Many of the different monsters drop meat, and there are bushes and trees to harvest plants from, all so that you can have enough to cook for your customers. The forest is a really dangerous and hard place, with a lot of different rooms which you can see on your map. There is even a boss each time you go in that you need to defeat in order to get rare ingredients. 

The balance of going into the forest and running your restaurant is an interesting one, especially as the fighting is quite intense compared to creating dishes and the various cooking mini-games. You can talk to your customers to know what foods they want to try and what they are enjoying, and then focus on that during your gathering phase, although I never made it out of the forest alive.

That said, I only had a limited time to play Delicious Dungeon while at Gamescom, where I really enjoyed how different this cooking game was from others that I have played. The world itself felt massive and the different dungeons within the forest were procedurally generated, so there was really a lot going on.

Delicious Dungeon

You can currently play a demo of Delicious Dungeon on Steam and wishlist the game ahead of its 2023 release date!

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