Cyberpet Graveyard lets you probe the haunted history of a desktop-pet company

Companies rise and fall. In Cyberpet Graveyard you explore decommissioned cyber pets and find out all about the final days of their creators.

Alienmelon’s Cyberpet Graveyard is a fun little horror experience which plays out through your folders on your computer and hearkens back to the time of desktop pets. Do you remember the little scamps? The little sheep which always triggered antivirus scanners, or maybe the PF Magic range: Dogz, Catz, Oddballz, etc. Well, Honker, Modvark and that sheep are all dead and so are the rest of them. The trend died out.

In that much, at least, Cyberpet Graveyard shares a reality. However, it also sets out a new timeline — it builds another company which thrived in those long-gone days of the web and it chronicles their failures by extra messages hidden within the download file. It is so full of secrets and easter eggs that it is one in itself.

Simply a folder which you download and then explore using your normal operating system, Cyberpet Graveyard‘s files are full of little cries for help, selfies and loving messages left for the creatures which the company created. There is, as one might well expect, some cheesy horror-schtick storytelling in there. While it’s definitely, as I said, cheesy, it’s a very enjoyable little browse and it really feels like you are peeling your way back through some archived files.

I experienced Cyberpet Graveyard while I was at EGX Rezzed earlier in the year, it stood prominently in the Leftfield Collection, looking a lot like somebody hadn’t reset the demo after a game had crashed. It was a fun little 5-10 minute foray, and I do sorely recommend that anybody who has a spare few minutes, remembers cyber pets and is partial to rummaging around folders, gives it a download.

Cyberpet Graveyard is available now for PC and Mac, it’s freeeeee.

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