Colt Canyon is an explosive Western-themed shooter with stealth and AI-Partner options

Fight back against the odds to save your partner in Western-themed 2D shooter Colt Canyon.

Colt Canyon is all about moving fast and shooting faster. It’s a simple-looking 2D shooter in which the danger of the enemies is only matched by the charm of the art style. Wishy-washy yellow plains painted with beams of light, silhouettes and shadows perfectly channel the Western vibe — while the speed and pixel-art ensure that your mind fills in the rest.

For all the fluid gameplay of Colt Canyon, it does somewhat lack in story. Your partner has been kidnapped and… wait, no that’s it. That’s the story. However, the areas which I played through in the Gamescom demo felt well-laid out and varied enough (what with the enemy density) that it kept giving, and i didn’t really need a story to keep me wanting to push on.

Something that I particularly like about it all is the character variety. While there were only a couple of characters available, the changes in starting equipment as well as things like viability, really change up the gameplay style and, frankly, I’m quite excited to see more of the game as it moves along in it’s development cycle.

As was the nature of the event, I didn’t get much time with the demo. So I didn’t experience much of the character development or upgrade structure, let alone the AI companions or boss fights, however the stealth elements and chaos that can ensue from a chaotic brawl really capture the Immersive Sim genre a lot better than a quick glance at the game’s trailer would give away.

Colt Canyon will be available on PC, Mac, Linux and Nintendo Switch when it releases. We don’t currently know when that release date is, but it is meant to be this year, so we should hopefully know soon.

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