Chocolate Fix is a cute, single player logic game

I’ve found another food game! We’ve played a few other chocolate-themed board games (like Chocolate Factory and Chocolatiers) while at tabletop, but Chocolate Fix is a single-player experience where you take on puzzles in an attempt to find the right order of chocolates inside the case.

Unlike most of the board games that I have previously reviewed, Chocolate Fix is more on the side of a logic toy, but one that has a board and thus is indeed a tabletop game. 

First, you need to place out your board and take all nine different plastic pieces and place them in the receptacles. These pieces come in three different colors, and within those colors each of them has either a circle, triangle or square on the top. To start, you need to line up the same shapes going across and colors going down.

Chocolate Fix

Then you can flip open the lovely book that contains all of these puzzles. This booklet shows pictures of where you should move the pieces, swapping them with the current piece that is in that place. If you move all of the pieces correctly through all of the steps, you’ll end up with the correct solution which you can flip to and check. There are plenty of puzzles to try out, ranging from easy to nearly impossible, depending on exactly how much challenge you want. The more challenging puzzles tell you the shape only or the color only for a square, whereas the starter challenges tell you exactly what chocolate to move.

I’ve played a few logic puzzlers, but the quality on Chocolate Fix is simply unmatched. The pieces could double as candy toys — made of thick plastic that holds a bit of weight. The chocolate box is equally as good. There are some different cardboard coins which can be used in more challenging game modes, which work well for what they are. I quite like the booklet for solving the puzzles, as it can stand up on its own, stays on the page due to the way it’s created, and is just well designed. 

Chocolate Fix has been on our shelf for some time now — it’s a game regularly taken down during quieter moments and played when we are having more screen-free time. The game is great for children and the easier levels can be done on their own, while you can spend some time solving with them on the more challenging levels. This isn’t strictly a single-player game, as you could team up with someone on a particularly challenging puzzle. The game time also greatly depends on the puzzle and the player’s individual skill.

Chocolate Fix

Chocolate Fix has been a regularly played game for us, and I feel it will continue. We have picked up a few other logic-based puzzle games, but this one will always have a special place in my heart, as it’s just such good quality.

You can pick up a copy of Chocolate Fix on Amazon.

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