Casetify Nintendo Switch Case — Stylish and sturdy

Casetify is a company well known for their beautiful phone cases, that also happen to do an amazing job at protecting your devices from high falls, with an option of different impact-protection. Recently, however, they have branched out into the world of Nintendo Switch cases. 

Well, the Nintendo Switch is a portable device, and as someone who tries very hard to keep my things safe, I have always had protectors on my Switch controllers and across my screen. Picking up one of the Casetify Nintendo Switch cases seemed like a great idea, as not only do they promise protection, but the company is well known for having a wide selection of beautiful designs.

Casetify Nintendo Switch Case

There are a bunch of different designs as well as transparent options, but I went with the design called Fun, which has a bunch of adorable looking flowers and faces on the front. The case itself is made of hard plastic, which promises durability. There is a removable strap to make the bag like a side purse. If you’ve got a child who has a Nintendo Switch that they like to take everywhere, this case would work well for them, as well as for adults who, well, like adorable things!

The strap itself is really well made, something that you can see in every aspect of Casetify products. The clips are very easy to open and close, and are made of metal, which means they won’t snap or break easily through. The strap feels really sturdy, and is adjustable, in case you want it to be longer or shorter. This strap clips onto the front most portion of the case and back most portion of the case, so that the case will sit the right way around on your body, less likely to flail around. 

Casetify Nintendo Switch Case

Inside of the case there is a pocket for your individual Nintendo Switch cartridges, which can hold up to 10 games. This pocket is actually somewhat hard, and can be used to stand up and hold your Nintendo Switch upwards if you are playing with it on the train or with friends and want to prop it up to play on it. Your Nintendo Switch itself is meant to go in this area of the case, going in between the layers of the pocket, for additional protection.

The other half of the case has a netted area, which can hold extra controllers, your phone and whatever you are taking with you that day, giving this Switch case the ability to be a cute bag for going out too. There is also a screen cleaner that is included inside the case, which you can store in this little netted area. 

This Casetify Nintendo Switch Case is equally adorable and sturdy, something that will not only act as a great traveling case for my Nintendo Switch, but also a cute bag to hold any of my small essentials, when going out and about. 

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