Cake Bash is a multiplayer pastry arena brawler

Become a cake and participate in various pastry-related, or sprinkle battling, mayhem in Cake Bash, a really fun multiplayer party game.

Taking on various types of challenges against up to three of your friends, in Cake Bash‘s very colorful world. The first arena I played in had star fruit falling from the sky, with characters rushing around to pick them up and throw them into a tart shell. Each star fruit picked up and thrown successfully into the tart shell gained points for that player, but if someone had a star fruit you wanted, you could bash them or throw something at them to get it back.

Giant star fruits are worth far more points than the smaller, less golden ones, so it’s worth beating up other cakes so that you can get the ones with more points. Once the tart shell is full, a winner is declared and you can move onto the next arena. 

Another arena saw us collecting the most sprinkles, which is a pretty fun one considering you are all really bright, adorable treats! Sprinkles that fall from the sky instantly stick to you, however, you can get bashed which will force you to lose some sprinkles. In this type of arena there are actually power-ups that appear, allowing you to whack harder using a lollipop, find items to throw that explode a bit, and other things which let you cause chaos. These all really add to the gameplay. The environment can also be hostile, with things like coffee cups spilling in an attempt to take away your sprinkles.

Cake Bash

With so many cute characters, colorful arenas and ways to play, I really enjoyed my limited time playing Cake Bash with strangers at EGX

Cake Bash is set to be released at some point in 2020, but you can wishlist the game now on Steam.

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