Cake Bash — Cute Cakes fighting it out!

It’s no secret that I love food games, I love cute games, and I love playing local co-op with my family. I really enjoy sitting on the couch and playing cute games. Back when I saw Cake Bash for the first time at EGX, I was excited! Guess what, now the game has come out completely and I have played the heck out of it. 

Cake Bash is everything you want in a family friendly multiplayer! The game starts with allowing you to pick your dessert character — then a color for your character. Each of these colors have their own name, adding a little bit of fun to the game. Many of the names are a play on the name of the dessert, which is super cute. 

Cake Bash has up to four players, both online and local, but there are bots too! The bots look a bit different, with an antenna coming out of their head. My only issue in the game is literally with the bots themselves. If I am playing with younger members of my family — or just friends who have never played — it’s no fun if a boss is beating us, badly, in the games. I wish these bots had modes — hard, medium, easy, baby. I wish I could pick to play against a bunch of bots that won’t ever charge-punch me or turn on the button for the furnace, just so I can have more fun.

With that minor grievance aside, let’s get into the game! Your cakes have broken free of their display for the night. With an order on the deck, you will need to make your cake into the best fitting for the order. Often, these ask you to have more chocolates or more gummies on your sweet at the end of the game. You will need to buy these with money won from placing high in the mini games.

Cake Bash

A timeline comes up, showing you the way you will be playing — a pattern of skill game, bashing game, and purchasing moments. At shopping, you can purchase items off of a cart — at a premium price — but once an item is purchased, often a different item comes out. Having groups of three of the same items can give a big bonus, but you will need to be quick! For a cheaper price, you can purchase a mystery item, but if it is rotten cheese or fishbones, you’ll will need to pay two coins to get rid of it, or else get a penalty when it comes to scoring. 

The games themselves have a bunch of different options. Randomly, you are given a middle mini-game on a stick. This will tell you what you will be doing in the game! Then, you and the other players can vote on the location. Over time, you will unlock more locations and games, through playing different games! If you see a new one pop-up, try to pick it as it will unlock it.

Some of my favorite mini-games are catching ice cream scoops as they fall, getting more points with taller towers and decorating scones and smores, by quickly covering them in cream before the tops fall on top, then hitting a button at the right time. There are many fighting games as well, in the bash category, like breaking apart fortune cookies and hitting each other so jelly beans fall out, trying to collect a bunch of them! In these levels, there are often hazards — birds pooping on the table, fire appearing in the middle of the area. There are also different items in each level that your character can pick up to help them — bonbons to throw that will knock people over and a giant lollipop to bash them with, etc. 

Cake Bash is a really fun game — there is so much variety in the mini-games, so many different ways to destroy your opponent, so many candies to purchase. It’s a fun time. You can also play in a long mode where you are looking to decorate your cake, or a short mode where you pick whichever mini-game you want to play specifically. 

I love finding and unlocking new areas and mini-games, although they do seem to unlock all at once, as we tended to unlock two new areas and a new mini-game in one run, then none for a bunch of runs afterwards. 

Cake Bash is cute, fun, and provides enough variety to be entertaining. You can find it on Steam, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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