Business Heroes: Street Grub – Food Truck’s Open!

I am a big fan of cooking games and games that revolve around managing some sort of kitchen. Business Heroes: Street Grub is a food truck simulator game, with lots of different menus to manage and track, so that you can have a whole food truck empire! From picking the location of your stand, to hiring staff and making sure your food is good for the locals: There are a lot of management aspects to this game.

Business Heroes: Street Grub is a management game at heart. Each day, you can select various locations around the map to place different trucks at. Areas have different types of people that come there; parents often are at the play park. Workers and students are often at the train station, etc. These different people all have different wants and likes when it comes to food. Students don’t want to spend very much, businessmen want food that’s more balanced, for example.

You will need to select the best food truck with the best food for the location you want to sell at, before considering things like the permit price to sell there, the price of ingredients you will need, and the amount it will cost for employees. After all of that, in Business Heroes: Street Grub, you can then start your day and see if your location has customers willing to spend money on your food. There is a complex notification system that lets you know what people like or what people are complaining about. Things like slow lines, bad quality, and lack of ingredients can cause a more negative rating. Influencers and foodies can also end up in your line, trying to eat some of your food.

Business Heroes: Street Grub

Business Heroes: Street Grub is interesting to watch, as your day goes by. You can see lively areas with people reacting to your stand. You can read some thought bubbles and see anime-memes appear when people rage quit. Switching between locations is simple and easy. I got the chance to play an early build of this game, where I found the tutorial needed work, but hopefully that is coming with time!

Business Heroes: Street Grub is set to release on June 30th, 2024. You can currently wishlist the game on Steam.

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