Burger Balance is all about careful ingredient balance

Some tabletop games have taken on a new sort of life; games like Jenga and Rhino Hero, that are all about balancing and attempting to keep things in a pile without knocking them over. These types of tabletop games always have a lot of showmanship to them, where people are often holding their breath and watching intensely, seeing if others mess up. Burger Balance is one such game, but there’s a distinct food theme; it’s about a burger on top of a ketchup bottle.

Setting up Burger Balance is just as fun as playing the game itself; you will set out your ketchup and balance the bottom bun on it. The bottom bun has a hole that you will be placing the ketchup bottle in, which does make it more stable than something just balanced on it. That, however, is where the stability ends. To set up the game, you placd a set number of ingredients on your burger, before adding the top bun. Once you have your wobbly burger set up, it’s time to start building out.

On your turn, you will roll a die that tells you what item you need to add next on to the burger. Balance Burger quickly becomes a game of careful placement, as these ingredients have a lot of different sizes and you cannot pick what you are placing. Longer things like pickles and bacon are great for building out, whereas round things like tomato seem to cause a bunch of challenge. If someone knocks over the burger, the game is over, so watching someone place something is always a bit of a thrill!

Burger Balance

In Burger Balance you all will win if the burger ends up completely filled. You cannot, of course, put items on the top of the burger bun, so building out does create a wild looking burger, unlike any you’d be able to order. It’s a really simple game, feeling like a reverse Jenga, where you are to build up your tower instead of taking pieces off. It’s a really fun game for all ages and can easily be given to children to play on their own!

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