Blasting into Mars Horizon (beta)

A rocket in a menu, being edited
To space and beyond!
Getting into space is hard. Very hard. Getting to space requires planning, research and a big rocket. Mars Horizon puts you at the head of a fresh, up and coming space agency, hell-bent on becoming the greatest space agency the earth and beyond have ever seen. 


Completing a mission is a complicated and involved process, starting, as all great things do, in the books. You cannot go to space without mountains of math, and now is the time to do maths! Researching the mission profile you wish to complete is the very first thing you do, before any other part of the mission. After that the rocket ship your mission uses must be designed, made out of several parts that — oh yeah you have to research those as well. Different parts have different statistics, like how much weight they can carry, how much they cost and how reliable they are. Once your mission has been planned, your rocket built, and your astronauts (if any) have been trained, it’s time to book your mission. 

A large explosion
Professional note: Naming your rocket ‘go nyoom not boom’ doesnt work

Like planning your next Dungeons and Dragons session, no particular date is perfect. Different days will give you buffs and nerfs to the ‘launch reliability’ of your rocket. On the launch date, The various possibilities of your launch are presented, success, great success or various failures along with the probabilities of each possibility. Assuming your rocket doesn’t explode into a lovely fireball, the mission itself begins. Flying through space, Mars Horizon takes on a turn-based feel, letting you take several actions, before finishing your turn and letting your actions run through. The objective of your mission changes, but is based on collecting specific resources, while your various actions trade and exchange different resources, requiring a clever tactic to swap the right resources to achieve your goal. 

The resource trading minigame mentioned above
Purple to blue, is good for you!

Once your mission is complete, it’s time to take your victory resources and pour them back into new missions, parts and even building to expand your space facility to make your space program even better. 

Set to come out later in 2020 for PC, Mars Horizon looks set to blast out of this world.

You can find more information about Mars Horizon on Auroch Digital’s website or wishlist the game on Steam.

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