Bird Cop is about finding out which early bird got the worm

In a world where animals have formed an advanced, modern society, there’s a big problem when the early bird gets the worm. In Bird Cop you’ve got to solve the murder of Mr Willy Wormington and find out which hungry bird committed the crime.

Bird Cop is a short detective experience much like many other detective games, except for the fact that you’re a bird who happens to be a cop – and the world is populated by humanoid animals rather than… well, humans.

In order to get to the bottom of the mystery, you’ll need to interrogate the five suspects — including a duck, parrot, kiwi and more — as you move around the low-poly neighbourhood near where Wormington me their end. It’s an incredibly simple, but charming little experience, and I’m definitely a fan of this and other, silly, animal-led detective games like Frog Detective or Crow Crime.

It was actually made as part of the ‘Ryan’s Lil Jam V2‘, which also gave us Be Dog Do Borks, which we wrote about earlier on in the year. It feels especially well-assembled considering that it was all combined in less than a weekend.

You can play Bird Cop for free, in your browser, over on its page. Let us know if you solved the murder!

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