Big WildStar Update to be Revealed Tomorrow (Jan 4th)

The official WildStar twitter has teased an upcoming reveal for the free to play MMO.

While details are scarce on the ground, the official Twitter account for WildStar has tweeted out a short clip, and news that tomorrow will bring details on the next major update to grace the title.

WildStar originally launched as subscription back in June 2014, however switched over to free-to-play in September of the following year. The game features a lot of modern MMO staples; housing, PvPs and contested land. It really came into it’s own however with it’s flippant humour, quirky races and interesting class system.

I played a bit of WildStar actually, when it first launched, however I got distracted away from it by something which was probably for the best, as I tend to be a kiss of death to MMORPGs. (Riposa in pace il mio tesoro Matrix Online)

If you’re looking to give it a quite look, it’s over here on Steam.

Source: Twitter.

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