Big Boss Babble Episode 6: Warner Bros, L.A. Noire, Fight of the Gods, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and More.

Big Boss Babble Episode 6: Warner Bros, L.A. Noire, Fight of the Gods, XCOM 2: War of the Chosen, and More.

This week’s host was Toby, and he was joined by speakers Jorge, Dann and the Spirit of Terry, to discuss a bevy of topics.

You can find each of the discussed topics below.

This week’s bonus discussion takes place at the end of the podcast, with Toby bringing forth discussion on the (frankly despicable) inclusion of dabbing in Nintendo’s Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — although to be fair the topic is just Dann whinging about being old.

00:00:00TobyPlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – The battle royale game which just won’t stop breaking records has now been spotted with over a million consecutive players.

00:18:07JorgeWarner Bros‘ Charitable Act – Discussing the upcoming Shadow of War DLC which was originally intended as a tribute to a member of the team who had passed away. Due to recent changes the DLC now costs money, and there’s a big grey area surrounding where the money (intended to be a donation originally) will go when it is sold outside of the North American region.

00:29:17DannXCOM 2: War of the Chosen – Dann prattles on mindlessly about XCOM 2‘s recent expansion, how it could have been a standalone game, and how it completely changes the pace and linearity of the game for the better.

00:29:17JorgeL.A. NoireRockstar and Team Bondi’s 2011 detective title is said to be making a return. The team discuss the game at large, where it went wrong and where it succeeded.

Please Note: We state that ‘Doubt’ was originally meant to be ‘Accuse’, in fact it was originally ‘Force’, you can read more about that here [Archive of Edge]

00:42:56TobyFight of Gods – Yeah — so, somebody made a game where Buddha and Jesus can fight, and that’s not cool. and so the Steam Store got blocked in Malaysia, and the team discuss how Valve need to be more proactive.

00:53:29Jorge – Steam’s ‘Sexy’ Problem – Carrying on perfectly from the previous conversation, Jorge mentions Steam’s reaction time and technique when scandals kick off based around games on the platform. The most recent game to have this happen is Strangers in a Strange Land, which we touch on briefly.

Each of these will be released as individual Mini Boss Babbles throughout the week, however those versions will lack the opening discussion included in this podcast.

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