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Big Boss Babble Episode 19 — Pink Darth Vader Mod, School Shooting Simulator, Games to Look Out for in 2018

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Big Boss Babble Episode 19

Toby, Terry and Dann meet up once more, this time for the nineteenth episode of’s Big Boss Babble.

This time the team discuss the fact that there have been considerations made for a game to emulate school shootings as to ready people for the situation — and how this is likely a media scandal waiting to happen. The team also discuss the arrival of a Pink Darth Vader skin for Star Wars Battlefront 2 as a mod made in reaction to EA CFO Blake Jorgensen (Read more: GIBiz) stating that cosmetic items had been avoided due to them being non-canon. As a final, extensive topic, the team discuss the games they are looking forward to in 2018, including an extensive list from Dann.

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