Big Boss Babble Episode 13 — ESRB’s One-Shot Charge, Respawn Buyout, Blizzcon, and More.

Toby, Jorge, Dann & Terry meet up for another discussion about recent gaming news, this time discussing the following topics:

  • ESRB Charging Physical Releases
  • EA Acquisition of Respawn
  • Xbox One X Release — Opinion on mid-gen upgrades
  • Blizzcon News
  • 2007: An anniversary. What a year!

For those interested in reading more about the Blizzcon announcements, we’ve got a roundup of the biggest announcements just here. A decent read on EA’s acquisition of Respawn can be found over on Kotaku, and a good read to accompany the ESRB news can be found in Alex Wawro’s 2015 piece on Gamasutra titled: How paying for content ratings is hurting devs who release in Europe.

Intro music: “Cyborg Ninja” Kevin MacLeod( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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