Because We’re Here has you dating during the war.

There is a huge flux of dating games out there lately; and thanks to that you can now date swords, fridges and all manner of spooky creatures. But, rather than romanable kitchen appliances, Because We’re Here takes you back to the early 20th century and has you dating during the time of The Great War. 

Focusing less on strange things to date and more on a time period when it is very hard to date, Because We’re Here sees you trying to spark up some romance in a world being torn apart by war. With a WW1-inspired era, this narrative-driven visual novel forces you to attempt to navigate romance while also constantly worrying about the state of the world.

In the demo that I played while at AdventureX, I was given a portion of an act to play. As a young post office clerk I was being spoken to by a photographer who was looking to escape from the war. You see, they had signed up to document the war, but didn’t think they’d be on the front lines, dodging bullets to get a good photo.

As a mail person, my character was on their way to be sent into the war, bringing letters between individuals there, and also dodging bullets. Together, they started a plan to go and visit the battlefields, in the hopes of saving themselves from being there permanently. There’s a bit of flirting and a bit of trying to figure out the best way to avoid putting both character’s lives at risk.

Because We’re There

Dating during a time of war, especially when the characters all are being emotionally and psychologically affected by the war, is indeed a clever concept. Because We’re Here is very well written. I only got to sample a small portion of the game, but even with just that, I could see how this could make for a very unique concept!

Act I of Because We’re Here is currently out on Steam.

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