Beautiful Desolation Live on Kickstarter; Post-apocalyptic Title from STASIS, CAYNE.

Developers of STASIS, The Brotherhood, have launched a crowdfunding campaign for their next project – Beautiful Desolation.

The STASIS and CAYNE developers, The Brotherhood, have taken to Kickstarter for a second campaign, this one seeking to raise funds for a Post-Apocalyptic isometric adventure game.

STASIS was, for sure, a surprise. Originally going through Kickstarter, and Steam Greenlight, in 2013. The game immediately found an audience; its isometric viewpoint reminiscent of  Interplay (and Interplay legacy studios) RPGs combined with a sci-fi setting that wouldn’t have seemed out of place in major Body Horror IPs like Alien, Dead Space, or Event Horizon.

CAYNE, which launched earlier today on Steam (Here) continued the setting, however was as much an experiment in the developer’s new framework as it was another outing. Reviews are thus far positive, but that’s hardly the news of the day with the big Kickstarter announcement.

Beautiful Desolation then, completely discards that gritty space station for a lush post-societal setting where man and machine became one following a technological golden age brought on by the appearance of a strange station in the sky. Despite the mighty boon that was received mankind still managed to declare war.

What was left behind, as shown in the Kickstarter briefing below, was an almost tribal world haunted by the past.

Give the Kickstarter a read, there’s a lot of fantastic images and information on the setting over there already, and you can get your name down for a copy of the game from $17 upwards.

Fulfilment is currently listed as starting in October 2019. The project is looking for $120,000 in funding before February 18th.

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