Be Dog Do Borks is a quick woof in the park

The simple, happy life of a fluffy dog is a cathartic concept for a lot of people and for good reason — and I think many of us would quite like to be one of those fluffy idiots rather than have to deal with life’s daily worries. Good news then, you can do that in Be Dog Do Borks.

A submission for Ryan’s Lil Jam V2 last year, Be Dog Do Borks is a fun little run-around where you take on the role of a dog, unleashed into its favourite park. It’s an incredibly short experience— you have until your owner returns — but it is also incredibly fun.

The gameplay is simple. You can run around the park, jumping, yapping and chomping things. In a top corner, there’s a list of things that — today — you like. They can be short, long, tasty, round, and much more… but they’ll never be specific. You’ll run around for 90 seconds, seeking out appropriate stuff to chomp down on.

To be honest, you’re a silly dog, so it doesn’t really matter what you do or don’t manage. That said, regardless of your goal, it is quite fun to bounce about as a fluffy dog; the pastel colours of the game are delightful; and the whole game has the nonsense-if-fun, doge-style writing. It’s simple fun, and I know at least half a dozen people who would really enjoy a little jaunt as a dog.

If that’s something that interests you — jumping around a park, barking and biting things as a fluffy dog — then great news, this is the perfect game for you. Go and grab it and have a nice day out away from the leash.

Be Dog Do Borks is available to download for free over on, there are both Mac and Windows builds available for download.

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