B3 on E3, and the absence of news

Hi readers,

As some of you may have noticed, we’ve trimmed back a little bit on the news front over the last few weeks, going from our already minimal highlighting of interesting news flotsam into absolutely zero coverage over the last week and into this period of E3 build up. This is due to a few factors – the first being that we are just a young website, having been fully live for not even two months yet at this period, and so we don’t have the capacity to handle that quantity of news in a style we would be happy.

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We’re not there!

Secondly, our contributor numbers have not yet swollen to the ranks that I feel we could correctly cover such an event. When I was putting 50+ hours a week into our sister site – Finalbossfight.co.uk – back in 2012 alongside John (who currently still helms the ship over there) we managed to cover a good 70% of the various news flooding out of E3 which was more than most of the larger outlets were managing at the time. The obvious difference about then and now comes from the types of coverage we now do — we were maybe putting out a single review or preview a fortnight.

To expand on that – B3’s backend system is showing 203 pieces of content live, scheduled, or on the database in some form. Of those 68 are features, and 61 are reviews. A sheer amount of much longer, and more creative, prose than we previously created.

Finally, and I really only want this point to be a minor footnote for this whole thing, between the six listed authors on the website we have nine children, two of which are not much older than the website itself.

I’m certainly not going to go on a trounce about how ‘kids have changed how X plays games’ like we seem to see crop up on various blogs annually, but, raising a newborn, combined with building and launching a site – as Ben & I have done – is pretty tiring, and so you’re not going to catch me trying to slide a peak newsroll live alongside the masses of posts, and featured content, we have going up on the site at the moment.

Next year we’ll either have a solution to covering the news in a quick, efficient and attractive manner – alternately we’ll have the writing team to maintain our current level of coverage while also delivering the news that we want to read, in a way that suits the website best.

Dann Sullivan – Editor in Chief, Owner.

P.S. For those of you looking for up-to-date coverage of the event as it unfolds I recommend following @toadsanime on Twitter, many years ago I had the pleasure of considering him one of my writers back on Final Boss Fight, and he has never failed to impress me with his ability to stay up-to-the-moment when it comes to developments within the industry.


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