Watch: Post-Apocalyptic Shooter Ashworld’s Official Trailer

OrangePixel has released the official trailer for the post-apocalyptic open world shooter, Ashworld.

This new single player shooter from OrangePixel is an open-world survival adventure. Set in a Mad Max-esque world, you must protect yourself from both Ragers and Skellies. Water and food are rare, and you must fight for survival using all the weapons, vehicles and raw materials you can find.

During the day, avoid the Ragers – your stereotypical group of road warriors. At night, Skellies roam the world, and become more dangerous as more time passes. Areas available to explore include underground caverns, buildings, and old skyscrapers. OrangePixel also promises a range of different cars, with different quirks and challenges, as well as the ability to craft your own weapons and tools.

OrangePixel is a solo developer, Pascal Bestebroer, who has a fantastic track record of fun, pixelated titles such as Heroes of Loot 2 and SpaceGrunts, so this latest title is unlikely to disappoint. Originally announced back in January, Ashworld is now in a nearly-releasable state. The Early Access version is due later this month, with a full release expected in September 2017.

In the trailer below, we get a glimpse of that open world in both dungeon and desert – and a glimpse of some of the weapons available, including shotguns and rocket launchers. And with chainsaws available too, we’re getting some (very welcome) Evil Dead vibes.

Ashworld will be available for Early Access later this month, with a full release expected in September 2017.


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