Announced: The Second Expansion for Guild Wars 2, Path of Fire

ArenaNet has announced the second expansion for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, due out next month.

Path of Fire opens up a whole new region and main storyline, as well as adding new elite specialisations – and mounts!

The storyline follows on from the recently completed Living World Season Three content. Players must hunt down the god Balthazar, who has made an unexpected return into the world – and aims to destroy the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik. This could have a cataclysmic impact on the world of Tyria, and so the player must follow Balthazar into the Crystal Desert to stop him.

The Crystal Desert was a major part of the world in the first Guild Wars game, and the expansion will allow players to visit and explore this area 250 years later. It will consist of five giant new open world zones – making this a huge addition to the game.

The biggest new feature to Guild Wars 2 is mounts – this will be the first time they have been introduced into the series. But as always, ArenaNet has given this common feature in MMOs their own unique spin. Path of Fire will initially introduce the Raptor, the Skimmer, the Springer and the Jackal mounts.

Each will have its own special abilities to help players explore the world, and there will be certain areas that are unique to each mount type. The Raptor can leap large distances, to help players jump across a canyon for example, while the Skimmer hovers above the ground and will allow players to cross large expanses of quicksand or sulfur.

Path of Fire also introduces new elite specialisations – one for each of the current professions. These elite specialisations are only available to characters at level 80 and offer new weapon types and ways to play each one – giving each profession even more flexibility.

If you’ve not played Guild Wars 2 before, ArenaNet is giving you the chance to ‘try before you buy’ with an upcoming free preview weekend from the 11th to 13th August. Those who purchase the new Path of Fire expansion will also receive a free Level 80 character boost, so they can jump straight into the new content.

Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire will be released on 22nd September 2017, and is currently available to pre-order on the ArenaNet website. The standard package is priced at £25.99. All pre-orders receive a SunSpear weapon skin, a Miniature Balthazar, and the title of Elonian Envoy.

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