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Ancestors Legacy — Saladin’s Conquest brings in some fresh sand

The south awaits!
One year after its release, Ancestors Legacy, which we previously reviewed, gets new DLC. Saladin’s Conquest adds a new faction, the Saracens, who come with unique units and their own campaign.

Where the base game is somewhat focused on Europe, specifically its northern parts, Saladin’s Conquest takes you to the south and puts you in command of the forces of the titular Saladin, a Kurdish ruler. Saladin, best known as an opponent of Richard the Lionheart, was a key figure in the history of the Crusades and the struggle for the Holy Land.

Saladin's Conquest

For said struggle, the Saracens get three new units: hassassins, stealthy and equipped with explosives, grenadier, powerful but fragile, as well as the scorpion, a siege weapon similar to the ballista. These new toys are available in all game modes, including the three new multiplayer maps.

The Saracens aren’t fundamentally different from the Ancestors Legacy’s other factions, but encourage a certain playstyle. Due to their (potentially) high damage output, the Saracens can be devastating, but only if managed carefully. They probably aren’t a good faction to start out with, but one year into the game’s life, that hardly matters.

Those who prefer single player over multiplayer or skirmish are offered a new five-mission campaign. This doesn’t sound like much compared to the eight already existing campaigns, but is balanced out somewhat by lengthy maps and a fairly high difficulty.

While a bit different, Saladin’s Conquest is ultimately more of the same, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you enjoyed the base game, this expansion has some more hours of entertainment to offer, if you did not, it will not change your mind.

Ancestors Legacy — Saladin’s Conquest is now available for PC.

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