A Squirrel Must Have Buried It is a charming combination game

A Squirrel Must Have Buried It is a charming combination game where you have to combine various nature-themed objects that could have been possibly buried for future use – who knows. 

In A Squirrel Must Have Buried It, you start off with eight different items on the bottom of the screen. The atmosphere feels like wintertime, with the wind rushing around you and the small opening of a cave shown. You can then select two items to put them in the middle of the cave and see them combined.

A Squirrel Must Have Buried It

Once you have combined two items, the bottom row of items will show any further items you can add to the new thing you’ve created. If there isn’t anything there and you hit a dead end, you can go back, but you can still keep some of what you made, as long as you go back enough to have more items to combine. 

Some different combinations trigger a sound effect or voice effect, and lots of them have little phrases that will appear on the screen. There are over a hundred different combinations that could be made, making it super fun to tinker around with the various objects and see what exactly the reaction is. 

A Squirrel Must Have Buried It feels like a fun game, and often combining objects brings forth something I didn’t consider at all. I liked the surprising aspect of what was going to appear and found the game interesting. It almost needs a notebook to mark what you have previously connected. The charming, hand drawn look of the game is also very fitting and feels perfect for the various objects that you put together.

I got the chance to play A Squirrel Must Have Buried It at WASD, and you can play the game for free, on itch.io.

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