A Monster’s Expedition sees you descovering humanity

A Monster’s Expedition is a very cute puzzle game where you play as a monster, slowly discovering the human world through small exhibitions left around from a museum.

You see, monsters want to learn a bunch of information about humans for entertainment. They enjoy the strange and curious objects that humans interact with and play with. These objects each appear humourous and have slightly strange, varied descriptions that might not quite be perfectly correct, but they are very entertaining all the same.

The way that you find these different items within the world of A Monster’s Expedition is the real treat. You are able to cut down trees and roll them around the individual islands they are on. These trees need to be a specific orientation so that you can use them as a bridge, or combine two into a raft, which requires you to push off away from a rock to make it to the next island.

All of the islands can be individually reset, which allows players to come back to these islands once they have learned new skills, to see if there is something that has been missed. This game, you see, has lots of different hidden secrets that you can come back and explore — from special museum items to new small islands that lead to the next island. Exploring back and forth can reveal so many new areas, adding more replayability.

A Monster's Expedition

A Monster’s Expedition is a really lovely looking puzzle game that I, personally, am looking forward to playing more of. I got the chance to check out the game as a part of the Big Indie Pitch Digital and look forward to seeing where it goes from here.

You can currently wishlist A Monster’s Expedition on Steam.

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