A Castle Full of Cats is a spooky hidden object game!

A Castle Full of Cats is a hidden object game where you are looking for various cats within static screens to help you unlock more doors, go through lots of levels, and learn more about the cats that are living within this massive castle. You see, all of these cats are infact beings that were cursed by an evil force, turning them into cat-like-creatures and they need you to tap them to fix them!

In our home, these types of hidden object games are played as a family, with everyone looking at the screen and trying to find the cat-creatures that need collecting. In A Castle Full of Cats, some of the creatures are a little hidden, requiring you to hit a point that then shifts that part of the room; opening a trapped door, for example, to reveal the cat. Some are special hidden cats that are a different color than the others in the room.

There are a lot of different cats within A Castle Full of Cats, with a total of over 500 to find throughout the various screens. There is a counter so it is easy to know how many you have left in that specific screen, and there are numbers on doors which tell you how many cats you need to find in total to unlock that room specifically. As you do unlock various doors, you can also find objects that will help you progress the story and find even more cats, which is interesting! A golden key that has to be found is needed for one area.

A Castle Full of Cats

There are also cats that are willing to tell the story of them being cursed and what is going on, which gives a nice break to the finding cats portion of the game. Of course, there is also a hint system in case you get stuck. A Castle Full of Cats is a perfect hidden object game if you want to play something a little bit spooky yet short enough to fit into an evening.

You find a Castle Full of Cats on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

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