8-Bit Invaders -Fast-Paced, Traditional RTS- Out Now

Petroglyph Games’ latest title, 8-Bit Invaders, has launched on Steam with a substantial launch discount.

Veteran RTS developers, Petroglyph Games, have launched their latest entry into the genre in 8-Bit Invaders; this entry into their 8-Bit series (folllowing Hordes and Armies) centres around a conflict between the Galactic Marine Corps and the alien Cranioids.

It’s always encouraging to see a developer building on, enhancing, a formula that they’ve nigh perfected, and the 8-bit series really does look to be going from strength to strength -and setting to setting, from modern military thru fantasy to sci-fi.

The game features a 24 mission single-player campaign, as well as a 10 co-operative missions. There’s also a selection of 2, 4, 6 & 8 skirmish maps with the game.

There is also, notably – “Full cross-play with 8-Bit Armies and 8-Bit Hordes for those epic MEGA BATTLES between factions across games, and the Multiverse!”  meaning six fully developed factions available in multiplayer should you have the appropriate games. Clever.

You can find an in-engine trailer from September below if curious.

8-Bit Invaders! is out now on PC via Steam, where it currently has a generous launch discount in place until the 23rd.

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