8Bit Box — IELLO’s homage to retro gaming continues to impress with new video

In what our Editor-in-Chief Dann Sullivan described as “a splicing of arcade games, with controller-like components” we’ve already seen the first spoiler video of 8Bit Box, from IELLO. This curious collection of board games that pay homage to classic arcade video games such as Pac-Man and F-Zero is looking ever more intriguing and now there’s a brand new trailer to boot.

Whilst this video doesn’t show the games in detail, we already know that 8Bit Box is expected to ship with three games in the box (Pixoid, Outspeed, and Stadium) and that it also contains enough controller-themed player boards to accommodate six players, all of which are housed in a very stylish dock. Each of the games uses the controllers in different ways, but all of the games feature elements of simultaneous programming, which is a relatively underutilised mechanic and perfect for the subject matter here.

Having seen a little more of the three games that come included in the box, we now know that Pixoid is a Pac-Man style game in which players each control a cube that moves around a maze. One player is being chased by the others, who must anticipate the lone player’s movement and ultimately, trap them. Outpseed is a racing game that reminds me mostly of F-Zero, albeit from a top-down perspective, whilst Stadium is a lot like any of the athletics themed games that you’ll have encountered and features multiple track and field events in which the players must compete.

For anyone concerned that the games in 8Bit Box might lack depth, you can check out this relatively detailed video below which is a Gen-Con 2018 Preview from marcowargamer. Marco is a seasoned wargamer and not easily impressed by style over substance, but he seems more than happy with the three games that come bundled in 8Bit Box and IELLO representative Dayanna is delighted to demonstrate them:

8Bit Box is scheduled for an Essen 2018 release, which means that it should be on general release in November this year. Personally, I cannot wait to see what this curious little “console” is all about and if nothing else, it’s fantastic to see this kind of innovation in board gaming. Given IELLO’s history and reputation for creating exceptionally well-made games, the power light is on for 8-Bit Box and the retro delights it has to offer!

You can find out more about 8Bit Box via this website.

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