6 brilliant indie games on Kickstarter in August 2018

There are many, many games that try to get funding through Kickstarter. I have spent the day picking out some projects that really stood out to me — if you like the idea of the games yourself, consider backing them and helping bring them to life!

Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons!

Boyfriend Dungeon

Ever wished you could use your tools for more than just… what their uses are? Well, in Boyfriend Dungeon, you can date all of the weapons you pick up, figuring out their likes and dislikes while fighting alongside them in a dungeon full of enemies. Not all of the weapons can become people, but the ones that do will need to be taken on dates to level up — instead of just using them for spilling blood across the floor.

This action RPG has the best of both worlds — action and beautiful people to date. There is a variety of people and genders, all for you to explore.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a game I have been following for a while now — the graphics, personalities and dungeons that have been revealed so far are truly wonderful. The Kickstarter has already attained its goal and has moved onto stretch-goal funding.

Check out Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons’ Kickstarter campaign.

Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! [Victorian tycoon dating sim]

Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! [Victorian Tycoon Dating Sim]

Following the theme of dating, but without the action and dungeons, Max Gentlemen Sexy Business puts you in the Victorian era trying to earn back your family’s money.

You can take over other businesses, fight in the street and train your executives to be better at their jobs. If you like, you can get close to your employees — learning about their personal lives and even dating them. They might even start sending you random items and pictures of themselves, in the nude.

You will need to make sure your employees still earn you money and assign them tasks to make sure your business runs smoothly. Sometimes, you will even fight rival companies in the streets in an attempt to steal their assets and increase your market share. There is lots going on in this simple Victorian town.

Check out the Max Gentlemen Sexy Business! [Victorian tycoon dating sim] Kickstarter campaign.

The Procession to Calvary

The Procession to Calvary

The creator of Four Last Things, which I wrote about earlier this year, is running a Kickstarter campaign for another point-and-click adventure game in the same style!

This sequel is also made of Renaissance-era paintings and classical music — then injected with loads of humor and adventure.

You play the same character from the previous game, back from hell and on his quest for absolution. Since falling into hell, the Reformation has come and a holy war is currently being fought out. Moving towards the south of the world, you will be able to experience the black plague and the burning of towns (and humans!) as well as naked men wrestling on the ocean shores.

New religious leaders are appearing, and while the game’s story isn’t completely written, you can already see the flavor this game has from the pitch video.

Check out The Procession to Calvary’s Kickstarter campaign.

Frog Snatchers

Frog Snatchers

Frog Snatchers is a cute-looking platformer which has you collecting stolen frogs from all over your world.

Each of the frogs that lived in your massive treehouse had their own personality and accessories. You can’t let them be stolen forever! This game is full of wacky characters and strange adventures for you to go on. Equipped with your trusty spear, you can fight off various enemies, all looking to stop you from finding your friends.

Not all of the characters you meet are bad — some of them are just looking for help. You don’t have to help them, but you can if you’d like. Otherwise, you can continue forging forward through strange places like the sewers, and Florida, in the hopes of finding your frogs.

Though the graphics look simple, the animations around the main character and the frogs’ stories really make it come to life.

Check out Frog Snatchers’ Kickstarter campaign.



Hamsterdam, a brawler where you play a cute hamster, has also made its way to Kickstarter. We previously wrote about it after taking the time to play it at EGX Rezzed earlier this year.

You, a tiny hamster, are defending the streets of Hamsterdam with your kung-fu moves. It doesn’t matter that you are smaller than the rest as long as you can react fast and move quickly against enemies!

Marlo the chinchilla and his rodent gang are harming the town with their Marlo Tonic. So, playing as Pimm, you must take them down, save your grandfather and restore peace to the town.

Using your kung-fu moves, you follow the game’s rhythm and make precise moves, also occasionally button mashing while brawling. Tapping, swiping and making combos will help you knock down enemy after enemy.

Sometimes you will face off against bosses, other times groups — and occasionally you will ride your scooter, chasing baddies out of town, collecting sunflower seeds along the way.

Hamsterdam is a really pleasant, cute game for you to enjoy.

Check out Hamsterdam’s Kickstarter campaign.



Equally cute, BOMBFEST is a multiplayer game full of explosions.

You play one of four players in a building-block-based area where you can knock everything over with bombs. Each of the game’s areas takes place in a normal room, seemingly built by some children and left there. You get to play as wooden characters, in a world of toys, blocks and colorful bombs.

The physics-based explosions cause your toys to go everywhere — rattling off the table and onto the floor. Knocking buildings over onto your opponents or driving fast cars away from the bombs will keep you alive. You don’t want to be caught in the bombs’ explosions or chain reactions — try not to get knocked over!

This game aims to be quick to learn to play and fun for all ages.

Check out BOMBFEST’s Kickstarter campaign.

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