Why not just Rain on Your Parade?

If you are looking for a goofy, easy to put on and play game with funny lines, colorful characters and some interesting levels, you’ll be pleased with Rain on Your Parade. In this game, you play as a storm cloud, who is out to ruin people’s day, stop people from defusing bombs, grow some trees, rain inside houses, cause fires and more to a bunch of people hanging out around their town. 

In the beginning, Rain on Your Parade is a very simple game. Your cloud needs to come into each level and complete a few tasks. Some tasks are required, while others just allow you to work towards a hat for your cloud. Over time, tasks will be hidden, revealing themselves later on in the level, but often you are just told the main tasks for you to take on in each level.

Some of these tasks are simple like raining on people or growing trees. Others are more complex like becoming a rain cloud that rains oil, then making sure it catches fire to burn all of the gifts at a kids party or grabbing toxic chemicals to completely destroy a farmer’s crops. Other times, tasks have you bringing sheep to bears, so they can be eaten, or raining on a couple who are just overlooking the ocean.

Not all of the levels are about tasks — sometimes you will come across timed levels where you need to make the highest score possible, through comboing up actions, to pass the level while others will give you a limited amount of liquid in your cloud, that you need to use to cause the most damage in the level you are in.

Rain on Your Parade

The level select screen is pretty interesting — it’s almost reminiscent of Mario World, where there are tons of different levels that break off from the main track, creating side tracks, and often are grouped together by the type they are. Sometimes, characters appear on the map to talk to you or you get a bit of a story before a group of levels, which adds a lot of character to the game itself. It’s a really fun time meeting the grandmother who needs help with her sheep or the bug that wishes that you do find bugs in the game. Or, hearing the story around your arch enemy. 

The levels have such a big amount of variety in this game, some taking direct reference from other games or from TV shows, while others are just simply something fun made for the game. With this much variety, you never know what you are going into when you select the next level. After playing for a bit, you will unlock new abilities that your cloud can do, continuing to change the way levels work and adapt.

Rain on Your Parade

Rain on Your Parade feels like a really fun game, I quite like the mix of destroying people’s days and helping out others. People start to really love the little rain cloud that you play as! Some of the hats are really hard to earn, as you need to literally solve all of the tasks to get it, but I don’t need hats myself so I don’t mind being done with the level before finishing the extra tasks. This game is just simply fun and cheerful. 

You can find Rain on Your Parade on Steam, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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