Mika and The Witch’s Mountain – Become a Delivery Driver.

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain allows you to become a witch-in-training, however, as it starts you’ve just been pushed off the top of a mountain by a bigger witch, and now need to work as a delivery driver so that you can save up enough money to upgrade your broom and make it back to the top!

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is a very charming game, complete with cutscenes that add a lot of character to it. Your little character is growing up, looking to make more friends, be more independent, and become responsible. This town is quite small, but it’s very fun to fly around it, and you also have a little map to help guide you in case you don’t know where to go next.

The characters that you meet in Mika and the Witch’s Mountain really stand out as a major selling point. Although many of the people of the town have quests for you, they are all charming, with their own quirks and story. Slowly, after earning money, you can upgrade your broom to fly higher in the sky, getting you closer and closer to the top of the mountain! 

Mika and The Witch's Mountain

The movement as you fly around on your broom feels great, and the way that you use different packages — like using a fishbowl to get a fish out of the water and deliver it — is incredibly fun. There is a lot to discover in this small town, lots of little secrets hidden around the corner, and so many packages to deliver! 

I got a chance to play some of Mika and The Witch’s Mountain at Dev of the Devs, where I was very impressed with the polish and feel of the game generally. There is so much more to offer beyond the demo, so if you’re into cozy, witchy vibes, do keep an eye on this game.

You can play a demo on their Steam page and wishlist Mika and the Witch’s Mountain for it’s upcoming release this year.

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