Make Way has you building the track you need to race on

Have you ever started playing a racing game and thought “Wow, this needs more tracks, and wouldn’t it be cool if we all made it?” I haven’t either, but after playing Make Way, I am convinced it’s the most chaotic and fun way to experience a racing game.

Make Way is a top-down, multiplayer racing game where you look to race around a track, avoid wacky hazards and speed through the map. If you do find yourself not keeping up with whoever is in first place, or falling off the rack, you will need to wait until the next checkpoint to re-appear, but thankfully — due to the structure of play — that won’t be long at all.

In between rounds of Make Way, however, the game itself becomes quite hectic. Everyone who has raced gets a few random pieces of track to choose from, that they then need to fight to place onto the track. These pieces snap together, adding in more chaos, and increasing the length of the track. Then, you’ll all start the race back at the beginning, trying to master these new sections and not fall off. 

Make Way

It’s wild, hectic, and such an amazing idea — whoever designed these different bits of track has a creative and fun mind. I found myself genuinely challenged and upset when I was dying (which happened over and over). The building aspect of this game ensures that each time you play feels completely unique, especially due to the combinations of race track pieces that are available as you expand the track at each checkpoint.

I got the chance to try out Make Way at WASD earlier this year, where I rage-quit after coming in last place every time. I am just not good at adapting, something core to this fun little party-racing game.

You can currently wishlist Make Way on Steam and download a free demo.

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