KartRider: Drift is everything you want from a racing game

There are tons and tons of different racing games on the market. Some rely on being super realistic, some rely on the types of cars or characters featured in the game, and others are doing something new and different. KartRider: Drift is a racing game that stands on its own, through being polished, well-made, and having great cross compatibility. 

KartRider: Drift is a cross platform racing game, with a bunch of different modes and cute characters that you can choose from. When you play, you can pick from a few anime-styled, adorable characters, pick your vehicle, customize specific aspects of it, and even pick different animations based on if you win or lose. Then, you can start your races.

Races take place against people playing on console, mobile and PC, showcasing what device they are on. You can also choose to play against bots if you don’t want to play against people, but it is worth noting that the bots will often allow you to win — so there isn’t much challenge there at all. When playing against other players, however, you might find yourself really struggling to be on top!

There are a few different race modes in KartRider: Drift; primarily one that uses items and one that is all about skill and speed. You can then play either of these modes as a solo player or in teams where your teammate can help you through Helpful items or through winning so that you will be moved up towards the top.

KartRider: Drift

My personal favourite mode is items mode! Much like other racing games, you can bash through boxes that can be found on the map, getting a variety of different items. You can hold two items at a time, which can be swapped between. Some of these items just help you like speed boosts or shields. Others can mess with players; dropping bananas, adding walls into the map, throwing a portal balloon that can trap a bunch of players. These items do mean that you need a degree of luck and fast reactions in order to win, but it’s so fun seeing them in action! Speed on the other hand only has one item you can gain; nitro which is a speed boost.

In KartRider: Drift there is an entire drifting element, hence the name. When you go around corners, you can let go of the gas and drift, which if done successfully can give you a boost at the end of the drift. Once you get used to this drifting mechanic, it becomes a really fun and easy-to-use boost that you can try to time perfectly. 

The various maps in KaftRider: Drift are also really lovely, with themed boxes, cute graphics and secret areas. Mastering the maps becomes a challenge too, as you need to turn at the perfect moment to find a shortcut or jump perfectly on some water to end up getting a bonus box. It’s just a really fun, polished, well made game!

KartRider: Drift

KartRider: Drift is a completely free to play game with some in-app purchases in the form of season passes and cosmedics – but you can also earn various items by playing little tutorial-styled mini-games on the various items or ways of play or by just logging in daily. 

You can find KartRider: Drift on Mobile, PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and more.

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