Gaming in Review | September 2016

The gaming industry remains one of the fastest evolving industries in the world, one that constantly adapts, and one that is increasingly expanding its reach and grasp on the citizens of the world’s free time. As such, there’s rarely a month go by which can be called a bad month in the industry, especially not when we look at it as players rather than puppet-masters and suits. 

To wave out the old, and welcome in the new we’ll be going through some of the defining factors of each of the months of the year. We’ll be listing some of the games that launched, discussing some of the events that happened, and discussing some of the implications that they had throughout the year, or might have going into the next.

So, without further ado, 

September 2016

September traditionally kicks off the bigger launches in anticipation for gifting seasons, in 2016 it was no different. Launches included Redout (PC), Star Trek Online (Xbox One, PS4), Oceanhorn (Xbox One, PS4), Bioshock: The Collection, Dead Rising Triple Pack (PS4, Xbox One), ReCore (PC, Xbox One), The Witness (Xbox One), Dear Esther: Landmark Edition, Virginia, FIFA 17, Forza Horizon 3 (Xbox One, PC), XCOM 2 (Xbox One, PS4), and Burly Men at Sea.

  • Sony officially revealed the PS4 Slim (which would launch later in the month), and the PS4 Pro which would launch in November.
    • The PS4 Pro became the first console on the market to display in 4K, although it was reported that it would not play 4K Blu-Rays, and that the 4K it achieved was through upscaling.
    • This marked confirmation that both Sony and Microsoft would be switching to phased, transitional upgrades, with new models brought up as technology advanced enough to make the hardware affordable, in a fashion similar to pre-assembled PCs.


  • Valve made changes to their reviews system; this time making redeemed codes not count towards the total review score. This was as a result of developer manipulation, IE using review groups. As an effect this also stopped people who received codes via external sources (Humble Bundle, for instance) not count towards the review scores. There were also some changes to the filtering options. (Steam)


  • EA reorganised their studios into a more hierarchical structure with a new entity, called EA Worldwide Studios, taking overall responsibility for internal developments. This consolidation starts a transition to remove ‘labels’ from various teams, instead having the teams working as studios under the publisher. (Example: Bioware were once, formerly, to oversee development of a new C&C via a studio under the name of Bioware Mythic; such things would be more streamlined in future.)
    • While no personnel left the company, some people did move around; notably Samantha Ryan taking responsibility for the Bioware team in addition to Maxis and Mobile teams.


  • In a follow on from earlier in the year’s CS:GO auction farce, two Youtubers were arrested in the UK and made to appear in the Crown Court on charges of promoting a lottery and advertising unlawful gambling. One was also charged with inviting children to gamble. (BBC)


As for Big Boss Battle? In month four we made 72 posts (are you tallying these?), with 29 of them features & reviews, and 43 of them Green Genies.

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