Coral Island – another adorable farming slice of life!

Coral Island is another slice of life, farming simulator. This time, though, you’ll be exploring a seaside island, full of different people, animals, and things to do! After moving to this town to look after a massive plot of land, you get to spend your days doing whatever you want.

Much like Stardew Valley, Coral Island allows you to fish, farm, gather, and talk to locals. There is also a whole host of animals that you can meet and befriend, and the map itself feels massive. It’s maybe even too massive — and this was the only real issue I found myself having. At the very beginning, I was given lots of quests to go find specific buildings and just… couldn’t find them. There are signs to let you know if you are heading to the town or to the beach, but as the map is so massive, it’s hard to find specific stores. Having a map that I could open up and look at would really help with this, and as the game is currently in Early Access, I do hope this is added.

Apart from getting lost too much, there is a lot to do within the game; people to meet and talk too, errands to run, a farm to get into shape. I spent my days watering my limited number of plants and running any sort of errand that is posted at the board within the town. Fishing is also pretty fun and a great way to earn money to upgrade your little house and purchase more seeds! 

There are lots of different characters within Coral Island (over 70!), so there are lots of people to get to know from younger children through to elders. You can work on dating the singles if you want, but this is entirely an option and not something that you have to do. If you want to focus more on your adventures and skills, you can go diving at the coral reef or mine gems within the cave.

Coral Island

Coral Island also has a lot of trash scattered around, which at this time I cannot currently clean up, but I do hope that I will be able to make the town less messy and more habitable for animals and people! Even in Early Access, Coral Island feels like a well polished, complete game with so much to do and explore. It brings a new slice of life game to your computer, and is worth diving in if you enjoy that genre.

You can currently play Coral Island on Steam.

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