A Starter’s Guide To Night of the Dead

With a game as complex as Night of the Dead, it's critical that you get off to a good start . We've compiled some tips and tricks to getting started.

With a game as complex as Night of the Dead, it’s critical that you get off to a good start. We’ve compiled some tips and tricks to getting started and hopefully help you thrive within the game!
1:  Pay attention when Night of the Dead tries to teach you

When you first leave the safety of the bunker, you might feel tempted to put off the tutorial and do it later, however the multitude of skills it teaches you is something that is vital for your survival as the days go by. So the first tip is to simply listen to the radio and do the tutorial for the free supplies. These supplies are vital due to the boost in progress they give you as they count towards xp and levelling up and they benefit you by saving time when it comes to building your first base. Furthermore, the lessons it teaches you are very helpful and will assist you with the early game of Night of the Dead as the mechanics are quite complex!

2: Prioritise gathering supplies

While the supplies gained from the tutorial are plentiful, you will still find yourself in a deficit once it comes to starting to build your base materials, such as wood which is required for building the walls of your home. Stone, which is required for crafting tools and higher level base defence. Gathering supplies also grants you XP which makes them something that you should invest time into acquiring as you move further into the game.

3: Food is fuel

Food is one of the most important resources to get in Night of the Dead, which is why I recommend hunting and gathering for food sources as early as possible. A good place to start gathering food is with the wildlife that you find around the starting area. Rabbits and foxes both give you small meat which can be cooked at a campfire, they’re easy to take down with a well placed shot from your bow. Another source of food is wild berries that appear around the island, the berries are not poisonous, so do not fear eating them!

4: Don’t fear the reaper

Death comes swift if you are lost during the night, and while it is best not to die, dying in game doesn’t mean you lose items, similar to other games like Terraria. This means that the game will allow for you to take much more daring routes as you begin to test out your strengths and weaknesses, such as trying to fight larger animals like bears or wolves. As long as you have a spawn point in a safe location, don’t fear the reaper.

If you have read this guide without owning Night of the Dead, you can purchase it on Steam.

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