Working With Us


Here at Big Boss Battle (B3) we believe in games of all shapes and sizes; we believe that interactive media is the true destination for the various forms of escapism; we believe that eventually digital worlds will transcend what we now know, and we want to be there when it does.

We’re looking for enthusiastic creators to populate the marvellous depths of B3. We’re eager to give you a platform on which you can showcase your works, and even if you haven’t got much experience, we are always up for offering a helping hand and make you feel more at ease.

We have plans to monetise the website in the near future, but at current, based on contribution, we offer rewards and an environment where your fellow creators become friends.

We don’t expect you to pull up roots to work with us – the current team is littered over the world, with Americans, Australians, and European based creators contributing to the site.,We communicate mainly over the internet; after all this is an online age and an online platform. Our founders hang around nearly all the time so there’s always someone to talk to in general, or for help.

This role is perfect for somebody looking to move into a journalistic, games industry, or writing-based career; opportunities to develop your creative writing, industry knowledge, and interview and conversational technique will be rife should you so wish.

Interested? Then drop us an email at with an example of your work. We will get back in touch as soon as possible. The list of positions that we’re interested in filling are listed below.



As a writer we’re looking for team members who have a passion for games new and old, AAA and indie. We want to see your personality shine through in your written pieces, and while you’ll be running reviews and other forms of coverage on games, you are welcome to discuss running some blog type posts, or walkthroughs/tips. (I.e. Why Fallout 4 And I Nearly Had a Fallout)

We’re fairly flexible on turnarounds, and understand that life can be busy, but we do hope that you could turn around a piece in a fortnight at the latest. Anything earlier than that is fantastic!

News Writers

We have recently moved into running news, something we wanted to do during the beginning of Big Boss Battle, but at the time we lacked the team to enable us to do so. With news, we are reporting in our own personal styles. While we stick to a loose structure, we ensure each piece has our personality tied into it, and is verified or confirmed before it goes live. You would be creating at least one or two news posts a day. More if that suits you, but don’t overwork yourself!

Video Creators

While we aren’t really putting a huge focus on our YouTube and Vidme channels right now, we are still welcoming video creators with open arms. Our YouTube and Vidme channels may be a platform you’re more comfortable in creating content for if you feel like writing isn’t something you wish to pursue. With videos, just like written content, we’re interested in review pieces, and general entertainment pieces and walkthrough/tips videos.

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