Pizza Titan Ultra Review — Pizza for Justice.

This game is ridiculous, but it's ridiculously fun.

♫ Pizza Titan Ultra, fresh and tasty, Pizza Titan Ultra, pizza for justice ♩♫

How many games come with a sing-along song about pizza and robots? Pizza Titan Ultra does, and it’s amazing. This is the first thing that greets you upon loading up Pizza Titan Ultra and I enjoyed every minute of it. Let me just start by saying that this game is ridiculous, but it’s ridiculously fun and hilarious. What more should we expect from Breakfall, the developer of STARWHAL? This is like a fever dream if Optimus Prime got possessed by one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

It is my humble opinion that you can’t really go wrong when you mix robots with anything. Robots plus pizza, though, definitely caught my attention, combining two things I love very much. Thankfully the developer was kind enough to let me peek behind the counter and see what magic was cooking. Do keep in mind that Pizza Titan Ultra is still being developed and everything is subject to change — at least, the extra toppings are.

If you ever thought to yourself, ‘man, I would love to see Godzilla destroy Tokyo and deliver pizzas’, this is the game for you. While the game itself does explain why a giant robot would be delivering pizzas, the gameplay itself is like the old idiom ‘a bull in a china shop’… if that bull were the size of buildings and had to deliver pizza while being shot at under extreme time constraints. Pizza Titan Ultra is essentially a time-attack game, all about keeping your momentum going and going.

The core of the game has you running around all sorts of terrain and cities while a timer ticks down. When the timer reaches zero, the government thinks you’re just running around smashing buildings instead of doing your job, so it’s game over. All of the areas are loaded to the brim with cash, time boosters and robot chargers. If the timer wasn’t bad enough, you also have the forces of Cheezborg to worry about. Yes, I know that name is amazing. Cheezborg was defeated by you, Pizza Titan Ultra, long ago, but his evil forces remain. As you deliver more pizzas, Cheezborg sends out tanks, choppers and other things to kill your groove.

This is that Godzilla part I was talking about. You can kick, punch, blast and smash them easily but Cheezborg becomes an overwhelming force eventually if ignored. There may be also something more sinister if you can hold on long enough, as well. There are also VIPs in the game — or Very Important Pizzas. These missions require more than just delivering as fast as possible. You may have to beat up some Cheezborg robots, smash some of the city for re-development or deliver Bob Ross… err, Ross Roberts’ culinary perfection. What do you do with all the sweet tips from your deliveries? Why, customize your Pizza Titan to your liking, of course!

There are loads of different parts to purchase in the garage. The game does take some obvious inspiration from other famous robot-themed stuff, much to my delight. You can repaint your Pizza Titan Ultra to any color you like and from what I could tell, customization is a big focus. I expect to see more added changes as the game fully develops. Oh, and as you unlock more customization parts, your robot gains new powers like a chest laser and shield! Give me a laser sword… please?

One thing I particularly want to mention is the art style of Pizza Titan Ultra. While the engine does show its strength and weaknesses, I really enjoyed the interactions between you and the crew of Pizza Titan Ultra. The art is fun and eye-catching and I couldn’t stop laughing at Planetman’s mullet. One of the best moments is during VIP missions when you shoot out your hand and smash it through a building to finish a delivery.

Pizza Titan Ultra has an interesting future and it’s one that I am definitely invested in. There is plenty to bite into here and I can’t wait to see what else the developer adds to the game. If you enjoyed games like Lovely Planet, Rampage or just time-attack games in general, you’re going to love Pizza Titan Ultra. It’s a delightful game which doesn’t take itself too seriously and has fun poking at pop-culture. Plus it has giant robots delivering pizza! What more do you want?

If you want to keep up on Pizza Titan Ultra’s future developments, we recommend following the developer on social media or checking out the official website.

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