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At B3 we believe in games of all shapes and sizes; we believe that interactive media is the true destination for the various forms of escapism; we believe that eventually digital worlds will transcend what we now know, and we want to be there when it does.

Video games are created by a whole range of people, for a whole range of reasons. If you’re one of the few who believe that we should actively seek out and try to understand these reasons, or even the original idea that the experience was borne from, before we pass judgement on a game then welcome home. If you can respect a game for the time that’s been spent on it, the idea behind it, and the effort that has gone into it -even if you are not the target audience- then you’re a perfect fit for B3.

We are looking for enthusiastic creators to populate the beautiful depths of B3. Whichever role(s) you undertake, we’re eager to give you a platform on which to showcase your works. Even if you haven’t had much experience, we can be here to lend a helping hand and make you feel more at ease.

We are starting to transition over to a payment system, which while not substantial will ensure that you get paid based on your contribution to the website’s growth and views.

Our plan for the website is to chisel out a niche exposing and discussing games which we feel don’t get audience they deserve due to the size of the industry; once we have a larger team we intend to expand into more news, expo, and interview style content.

We don’t expect you to pull up roots to work with us – the current team is littered over the UK, and communicate mainly over the internet; after all this is an online age and an online platform. Our founders hang around nearly all the time so there’s always someone to talk to in general, or for help.

This role is perfect for somebody looking to move into a journalistic, games industry, or writing-based career; opportunities to develop your creative writing, industry knowledge, and interview and conversational technique will be rife should you so wish.

Interested? Then drop us an email at with an example of your work.

If you wish to create something fresh then write up a review [800+ words] or a preview [600+ words] – Don’t worry about adding images – and we’ll get back to you ASAP. Alternately, if you are a video creator then why not contact us with links to your work and we can discuss how we can work out something that’s mutually beneficial for all parties?

We look forward to hearing from you,

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